Dos & Don'ts

Castle Clearance Estate Sales & Liquidations is the estate sale company to call for all your home clearance needs. To make the process easier, here are some things that you might want to remember:

What to Do

When you hire our services, be sure you and your family have identified the things you want to keep. Consider making a list of things you hope we find when we sort through your belongings. Remove the items you want to keep, if possible; it helps free up space for items that need to be sold. Relax and let us do our job. You will get a chance to see things once we organize them. Also, be sure you haven't overlooked something you meant to keep.

What Not to Do
Don't throw anything away. People collect and buy just about anything these days. You should also remember that items can be repurposed so they can be used again. Also, our team will put an appropriate price for every single item in the sale, making even half bottles of shampoo appealing for buyers.

Important Documents
Don't worry about any personal identification documents. Check books, statements or other items, will be boxed up if we find them, and you can remove those from the home prior to the sale.

Offer a Nice Mix of Items
Don't worry about having too many little things and clutter you think are not valuable. While having some nice furniture is great, the little things add up faster than a few pieces of furniture. Having a good mix of everything will make a great sale. In fact, things you don't expect to sell will often be one of the first things that go, such as bricks, worn out doors, water hoses, and anything that's not a permanent fixture will be on someone's list.

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